The sophistication of Google Doodles

A “doodle” is the constantly-changing manifestation of the Google logo on its homepage. Today, April 24, I found that this was the birthday of Gideon Sundback, inventor of the zipper. While the zipper is important, I found the doodle to be of equal interest.

The doodle is an interactive zipper that divides the screen. You pull down the zipper and the page separates. Teaching a course on Web Design,  you learn about the capabilities and limitations of HTML5 and CSS3 to create interactive websites. Through the use of JavaScript and JQuery, designers are able to expand this interaction further. Google is pushing the edge of interactivity further every day, and this interactive event of the zipper is a great example.

It seems simple, right. – it’s a zipper. But think deeper. First, Google has created a doodle that is fun and thereby engaging. You want to pull the zipper down. Is there anything behind it? As you pull down, you can also reverse your action and pull back up. You can even turn the zipper handle as you raise (or lower) the zipper. A very engaging play that helps reinforce the idea – the inventor of the zipper, Mr. Gideon. Through play, we also help to build retention of this fact. Lastly, I makes me want to come back tomorrow to see what “new gadget” will be displayed.

This is a great marketing tool. This is an great example of interactive information design.


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