Image and Text: Visual and Verbal

This past week, we have been discussing and thinking about ways to create stronger links between the text and visual elements, like images, to create deeper meaning. We want to create messages that are remembered and shared.
The power of “viral advertising” is that its creators designed something that catches attention and creates the desire for viewers to share with others.
Students in MCM251/210 are designing an advertisement, and MCM252/240 are creating a wayfinding diagram. Both are dealing with the organization of information to first attract attention, and then be processed.

As you look at your own projects, what problems have you had in creating this initial attraction?

8 responses to “Image and Text: Visual and Verbal

  1. There are several problems i faced with my own ad. One most important problem is keeping the ad simple. It was difficult at the begining to find an idea that is new an effective at the same time, and it is more difficult the way you deliver the message to the audience. But, when i started using the design elements that we took in class and ideas that were introduced, an image of what i will be doing is clearer now!

    • Good. Creative thinking takes practice. What’s important also, is that you create an advertisement that can be produced. This sounds obvious, but I’ve seen student sketches that were illustrations. Drawings are hard to create and look professional. Its best to find solutions that is a fairly simple photograph and a good text.

  2. i have the same problem as Haifaa does. its difficult for me to find a simple images that reflects my own ideas. this kind of ads requires pictures that are designed by your self, but this is a difficult job for a student who does not use photoshop before..!!!

    • From the beginning, I’ve mentioned that “advanced Photoshop” has never been needed. In fact, I’ve tried each day to get you to think of ideas that are relatively simple. A combination of a photo and some text.
      Have I ever pushed very detailed concepts? I have even brought my digital camera to class offering to help.

      And where would the challenge be, if I gave you a photograph and the text…and said, OK, recreate this ad.
      Hang in there! πŸ™‚

  3. hasanfadli, whats your ad on ? we could help you if you need?
    I guess that all of us ( students) the word Photoshop scared us ! loooool πŸ™‚
    If you think of the ad that we took in class (shower) the photo was taken and placed on photoshop with one word and DONE! but it meant a lot !
    So what exactly was done by photoshop? import the image + add the text πŸ™‚
    Think simple ! Goodluck πŸ™‚

  4. I’m a firm believer that less is more, but when it came to this project, I cluttered so many ideas in one frame. Dr. Carl explained how a simple arrangement of words can be so powerful, the lecture reminded me of this video:

  5. The major issue in designing is to be clear with the visual hierarchy. Once the designer knows the order of importance of the information they want to put, then it will be easy to apply the information in the design. I am having trouble in knowing where to put each information in which page, and how to organize my thoughts that they will be clear to the viewer.I hope I can show you mine, and you can help mine getting my thoughts straight.

  6. i have faced a few problems , one of them was trying to find a simple idea for my ad but by looking on the net and browosing a few ideas popped in my head and by simple planning and the help of my wonderful wife i managed to come up with the perfect idea.

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