Dr Al-Mutawa and the 99 series visit

On March 8, 2012, Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa will be speaking to the Visual Storytelling class in the Mac Lab. He is the CEO of Teshkeel Publishing and creator of the 99 series http://www.the99.org/. It will be interesting to get his opinions on the comic book industry in Kuwait, the Gulf region, and the Middle East.

12 responses to “Dr Al-Mutawa and the 99 series visit

  1. i have been following Dr.Naif’s work,
    he is a great speaker and a very talented person

    i will do my best to attend his lecture

    Thanks you Sir for all the effort you are doing
    hope to see more creative talents visiting us at GUST

  2. Dr. Naif Almutawa makes it look easy to achieve such goal, but the actual key to his success was his passion. Anyone can be extremely good at any matter if they were passionate about it. You have to be devoted to your goal in order to make it visible and clear to the world, then the world will love it. Dr. Naif AlMutawa mashalla is very successful and creative and I am looking forward to meet him in the future.

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